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We often receive similar questions from homeowners.  

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What's the Referral Bonus Program?

Our satisfied customers continue to be our best source of new business, and we are extremely grateful for our customers!  Longstanding customers will tell you that we often provide discounts for their loyalty, but in addition to this our Referral Bonus Program allows customers to earn gift card rewards when referring five new homeowners to us.  It's the least we can do!

What makes B&B Window Cleaning different?

We are a local business with a local feel.  We are not owned by or a part of a franchise from another company.  We give each home a personal touch and each homeowner a handshake.  

We come prepared with everything the customer might need and make sure to leave nothing behind.  Apart from cleaner windows, gutters, and siding/driveway, you should never know we were even there.  In order to maintain this, we bring mini-vacuums to each home to clean up after ourselves and reset blinds and furniture to the way we found it.  

We follow up each job with a personal email detailing what we did, any issues we may have run into, and a survey for the customer to provide feedback to ensure our continued growth personally and professionally.

How often should I get my windows cleaned? 

This answer often varies due to climate and how unexpectedly tough Michigan's seasons can be, plant and animal life around the home, and what's happening inside the house, among other factors.  We recommend our Seasonal Programs to get the most bang for your buck in addition to raising your standards of cleanliness to equal Buckingham Palace.  

How long does a job take?

This depends on the size, style, and number of windows, as well as how many other services are included.  It is reasonable to expect our technicians to be at your home for a few hours minimum.  We work around your schedule and can be handling services outside the home without anybody else at the house.  If exterior services are the only services agreed upon, then you may never even see us, just the results of our hard work!

How do you price windows?

Please view the galleries below to see how we count windows around the home.  This is the major influence on the price of the job.

  • Single hung windows, plate windows, suspended grids

  • Double hung windows, glider windows, sliding glass windows and doors, fixed grids, transom windows

  • Triple hung windows, storm windows, bay windows.

  • Specialty windows such as garden windows, skylights, high interior windows, removable grids

What is the window cleaning process?

Many companies just throw together soap and water and hop on the ladders and get squeegeeing.  We prefer to carefully inspect each window for buildup that soap alone will not take care of.  We use specialized tools that scrape grime off the windows without scratching the glass, and follow this process by adding high quality soap and water to our professional window sponges before squeegeeing the window dry.  

Are your cleaning solutions safe?

All of our cleaning supplies are nontoxic.  We do not casually leave our supplies out for children or pets to get into, but we do not recommend drinking soapy water.  We do not use any ammonia or alcohol-based solutions that could affect fabrics or flooring.  

What payment options do you accept?

We currently only accept payment in the form of  check or cash.

Do I need to do anything before you arrive?

While any assistance is welcome, it is not necessary and we do not expect it.  Removing window screens and grids facilitates the process, but we consider it a part of our job and factor it into our estimates.  Our technicians can typically work around anything in the home and will treat your belongings with respect and caution.